Delivery & Returns

Delivery Methods

We have partnerships with great shipping providers to guarantee an excellent and timely delivery directly to you, wherever you are in the world. Our logistics team is comprised of dedicated members who arrange all the details with our partners, servicing and supporting all shipments.
Here are the different delivery methods you may see once a quote is available.

Free UK delivery

  • Available for orders that total £500 or more.
  • Usually delivered via private curiour.

Standard and Express

  • Delivered by a parcel delivery service such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL.
  • For closer domestic locations, faster private curiour delivery might be available.

Shipping Time Estimates

  Domestic International
 Free  7-14 Days  -
 Standard  7-14 Days  1–4 Weeks
 Express  7 Days  1–3 Weeks

Please note that handling, which includes preparing an item for shipment, packaging, and disassembly, may take up to 5–10 days. This is not included in the shipping time estimates above, but is accounted for in estimates on any item details page and at checkout. The extra cost can be substantial, as expedited shipping may require specialized carriers or routing changes.

Scheduling a Delivery

If your piece is being handled by a Courier shipping provider, the carrier will contact you 24 to 48 hours prior to the delivery date to schedule a convenient drop-off window, usually between 2 and 4 hours wide.
With UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another parcel carrier, it's generally more difficult to schedule a delivery, but we recommend you contact them directly to make delivery arrangements.


Our Buyer Protection Policy

Buyer protection is part of our broader promise to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase. If you have an issue or there's a discrepancy with your item, we guarantee to work with you to reach a resolution. 

How does an item qualify for protection?

  • Items must be purchased through our secure checkout. They must display significant discrepancies to the seller's description, appear damaged in transit, or never have arrived. Additionally, you must report the issue within 7 days of the delivery date. 

How do you report an issue?

  • If you receive an item that doesn't meet your expectations, contact us within the specified timeframe. When reaching out, make sure to include photos of the areas of concern and the item as a whole, so our specialists can better evaluate the issue and more quickly reach a resolution.

What if an item was purchased outside of Resantik?

  • If you purchased an item in-store, over the phone, or via email, then your item does not qualify for protection.

What if the issue is reported after 7 days of delivery?

  • Contact Customer Support if you want to report an issue after the 7-day period. We ask that you be as prompt as possible, as the 7 days allows us to work with our sellers and shipping carriers to resolve claims quickly. Please note, if it has been more than 7 days, we may no longer be able to assist you with the issue you have reported.